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Hey there, 

Max Nachamkin here, the creator of the Relationship Wisdom Newsletter.

I created the newsletter because over the years there's one thing I've found to ring true over and over again:

That relationships can be very, very tricky beasts.

They will point out the places in which you're fearful.

They will point out the places in which you don't feel worthy.

They will point out the places in which you don't feel enough.

They can take you for a ride down to the depths of your soul and make you question everything you thought you knew about yourself.

But at the same time...

I believe they are the greatest gifts we could ever have.

They can show you the best parts of yourselves...

They can make you feel love in ways you could never imagine...


They're just so frikkin' fun.

But there's a huge challenge right now...

The current way that people are taught to relate to each other in a romantic context is fundamentally flawed.

Emotions come up. 

Conflict happens.

Things go sour.

And eventually...

The relationship ends.

Over 40% of marriages end in divorce. 

In other words, the structures that relationships are built on, in today's world, simply do not work.

It's no wonder that today's generation is afraid of commitment right now. I can't blame them, because historically, commitment only has one ending:


But the dating game is also more-so confusing now than it's ever been.

What do you say?

What do you do?

When do you do it?

Tinder, Online dating, Hookup culture, Political correctness?

It's all a mess.

That's why I created the Relationship Wisdom Newsletter, where I take wisdom from years of my own experience to share my paradigm of how to create a dating and relationship life that adds to your life, rather than detracts.

It's quite counter-intuitive, but this wisdom is all about shifting your dating and relationship life from the inside out.

It's about understanding your emotions...

It's about learning the subtle energetic dynamics going on underneath the surface...

And it's about learning how to detect and align with your own masculine and feminine nature.

When these things happen, not only do you start to see results in your dating and relationship life, but your life starts to just...feel better.

Insecurities dwindle.

Confusions disappear.

And the truth of who you are emerges.

That's my goal with my Relationship Wisdom newsletter.

To show you who you are through the means of relationships.

Sound interesting?

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Much love,



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